KBB Fire Valve

KBB Installation Diagram

From Kerosene to Bio-fuel...
  Introducing a Universal KBB® Fire Valve

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The KBB from Teddington Appliance Controls is already recognised as the market leader in Fire Valves in the UK.

  • Non-Electric Safety Valve
  • Manual Reset
  • Manual On/Off for Appliance Servicing
  • Sensor System Fails Safe if Broken
  • Two Alternative Temperature Settings
  • Remote Sensing Up To 20m (66ft)
  • Conforms To BS 5410 Part 1
  • Approved To OFS E101
  • Suitable for Bio Fuels
  • British Made

KBB Fire Valve 2017 - Datasheet (PDF:3.2Mb).


The KBB is a fast acting thermally operated valve with a spring loaded trip mechanism and sealed temperature sensing system consisting of a bellows, capillary tube and sensor phial. The valve will snap closed when the temperature at the sensor phial exceeds the set value. The valve will remain in the shut-off condition until the appropriate action has been taken to restore normal operating conditions and the reset button has been pressed.

The operation of the fire valve can be verified by using the KBT1000 test unit set to the appropriate temperature. This checks that the operation to shut-off the oil supply pipe takes place and enables a check to be made that the valve can be manually reset once the sensor phial temperature has reduced to normal operating level.

The reset button must be pressed firmly to ensure the valve is positively latched in the open position. The valve can also be shut-off manually by pulling the reset button.

KBB Fire Valve


  • Valve body and head Brass
  • Sensor phial and capillary Copper
  • Valve seal Fluoroelastomer
  • Oil Supply Pipe Connections - 1/4" BSP internal taper thread.
  • Spanner flats at connections 19mm (3/4")
  • Capillary Tube - 1.5m (5ft), 3m(10ft) & 6m(20ft) using a 124mm long sensor
  • 9m(30ft), 12m(39ft), 16m(53ft) and 20m(66ft) using a 174mm long sensor

Nominal Fuel Flow Rate

  • Kerosene
    • 56 litres/hour at 1 meter head
    • 85 litres/hour at 2 meters head
  • Diesel
    • 50 litres/hour at 1 meter head

Nominal Shut-down Temperatures

Oil supply pipe at atmospheric pressure...

  • KBB/C/65 65°C
  • KBB/C/90 90°C

OFTEC Certificate Numbers

  • KBB/C/65 0936 120205
  • KBB/C/90 0936 030306

Weight (approx.) With 1.5m capillary 340g